In order to have optimal health, we must give our bodies the fuel it needs. Believe it or not less is more. The less “fake” food you burden your body with, the less stress it will have processing it. As you take in whole foods, or foods that are eaten as is, such as fruits and vegetables, the body can easier metabolize them. Creating food combinations is an art.

WATER INTAKE: Drink a glass of spring or distilled water upon rising first thing in the morning. Coconut water is even better. Try to drink at least 3 liters of water throughout the course of the day. 

BREAKFAST: Fruits (apples,  oranges,  pears,  bananas, peaches, plums, seeded melons and grapes, dates, figs, currants, mangos, berries, cherries), coconut water based smoothies including any of the above fruits are some healthy choices that the body can easily metabolize. 

LUNCH: Large leafy green salad

DINNER: Roasted veggies including butternut squash, red onion, kale, red bell pepper, mushrooms. Eat as a course meal or baked atop a garbanzo bean crust (1c chickpea flour, 1c spring water, 1.5tb grape seed oil, .5tsp sea salt. Mix, let sit 30 minutes, then bake on 450 for 10mins.)

REST: Proper rest increases the body’s ability to metabolize the nutrients we put into it. Try sleeping between the hours of 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. in order to experience higher energy levels during waking hours.

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  1. D. Adams says:

    Hello. Is your Hormone Adjustment good for women over 50, who has had a hysterectomy (due to fibroids) and are having hot flashes, mood swings, etc..?

    • admin says:

      Hello D. Adams πŸ™‚ Yes the Hormone Adjustment does help with all those symptoms because it helps regulate the chemicals that cause them.

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